Shoes Engineered for Comfort



Created every year. Our Pursuit of Better means we continue to iterate and improve our shoes — from stitches to formulas.

Per Shoe


Same as the weight of an apple. Ultra lightweight, yet durable, from material choice to construction. (Based on a size 37)



Our vegan leather is 61% tougher than genuine cow leather. By building our footwear for durability, we are able to extend the lifetime of our shoes.

Our Founder's Story

Our story began after a major spine injury changed the way I walk, sit, and stand forever. I couldn't find any footwear brands that provided the pain relief and functional support my body desperately needed. I believe that the right shoes can be life-changing and transform your posture, your possibilities, and your path forward. So I created Sunnystep to help people move well so they can live well. And bring a little more joy to your everyday.

— Ting Mao, Founder of Sunnystep